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Bluenero World’s Most Advanced Smart Aquarium


Bluenero – World’s Smart Connected Aquarium Makes Fishkeeping Experience Easy and Fun. SMASHES The Goal on Indiegogo in few hours!

With built-in HD Camera to watch over your fish while away and with full-spectrum CREE LED stripe, Bluenero is designed both for Marine and Freshwater fishes, and is ideal to grow any types of plants and corals. Bluenero makes your fish keeping experience effortless and fun with super-easy Application that automatically feeds your little bubbles without refilling for up to a week.

Bluenero has a bunch of useful features that every fish keeper would love to have. The special HD Camera built inside the aquarium helps to check on your fish anytime while you’re away or in the surrounding. Bluenero dramatically reduces noise level with 7 step Premium filter and is made of stainless steel and high quality acrylic.

Bluenero’s Application makes it easy to schedule and feed your lovely ones on time, without the need to refill for up to a week, while industry leading full-spectrum CREE LED stripe creates ideal growth conditions for any type of plants and corals.

“Aquarium industry is growing day by day, there is a huge community of fish keepers around the world and it was essential for us to improve fish keeping experiences, to make them better and easier.” said Vahe Tumanyan, the founder and CEO of Bluenero, “We have re-invented fish tank, giving it a classic and compact design on the one hand, and developing all-in-one technology of both cool & smart features on the other. Thus
fish keepers will have an opportunity to take care of their fish directly from the smartphone, feed them for up to a week without refilling, watch them from workplace, at home or in the surrounding. Also they will not worry about their aquarium’s condition, water purity and plant growth.”

Bluenero has launched an Indiegogo Campaign on September 4th, to receive initial pre-orders from Indiegogo Community and anyone who loves aquariums, corals, fishes and NatGeoWild. 🙂 The team aims to raise $25K as an initial goal, and they have included impressive stretch goals for their supporters that need to be unlocked during the Campaign.

Bluenero has already smashed Indiegogo with the results, raising more than 40% of their goal in just few hours after the launch!

The prices of Bluenero smart fish tank are $349 and $549 respectively including power supply, full spectrum CREE LEDs, 7step Premium, built-in HD Camera. Bluenero comes in 2 sizes: 16 and 26 gallons, that perfectly fit both saltwater and freshwater fishes.The company also offers other Perks on their Campaign page that come with extra filter spare parts, Salinity sensor, branded Bluenero Care-kit and more. The prices are up to 50%
OFF the retail price. Hurry up to order yours NOW at INDIEGOGO.COM


Hurry up to order yours NOW at INDIEGOGO.COM: igg.me/at/Bluenero/x

Images © Bluenero