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Away from the clamor

Janina Wierusz-Kowalska
Painting exhibition by Janina Wierusz-Kowalska
February 28th – March 16th 2017
Galeria (-1) of The Polish Olympic Committee
Warszawa, Wybrzeże Gdyńskie 4
Private view: March 1st, 7:00 pm

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Janina Wierusz-Kowalska – “Away from the clamor”

The title of the exhibition is a reference to the 19th-century novel by Thomas Hardy. This full of melancholia picture highlights the work conditions and circumstances of artist’s work. “The world of art” often shaped by fashion and superficiality doesn’t allow to gain a necessary perspective nor to experience a state of pure observation. A workplace selected by the artist is free from the clamor and unwanted audience. Only from a similar space minimalistic and pristine in their form paintings from the series “Away from The Clamor” could have originated. The geometrical works reduced to elementary forms of viewing the world lack any needless embellishment and exaltation.

The paintings presented in Galeria (-1) are a testimony of a mathematical structure of the world. They spotlight the usually overseen elements, which have existed from the dawn of time. The depictions consequently give them a new formula. In their proportions the paintings capture the dynamics and shape of nature, recalling its harmony and interrelations. A shell of a snail, a shape of plants or body proportions are absolute and the painting of Janina Wierusz-Kowalska seems to remind us of it. Artist’s strong awareness and an intellectual reflection about the world recall the renaissance artists. In her work you can recognize also an influence of highly valued by the artist minimal art, including the art of Sol LeWitt or Polish abstractionist Henryk Stażewski and Wojciech Fangor.

Janina Wierusz-Kowalska is a painter, designer and a lecturer. She has graduated from Fine Arts Academy in Cracow, studied in The Industrial Design Department and Painting Department. For many years she has been active in didactics and creative education. She has founded The School of Visual Art and subsequently Art Wokshops – a system of classes preparing for higher artistic education. She has been exhibiting her work within individual and collective exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Brussels, Warsaw and Cracow. At the moment she works mostly on painting, drawing, graphic design and unique textile.

(-1) Gallery

Dziennikarka, mecenas sztuki współczesnej. Autorka cyklu książek: „Sztuka inwestowania w sztukę. Przewodnik po galeriach 2004”, „Sztuki inwestowania w Sztukę. Przewodnik po galeriach 2006” oraz „Przewodnik po galeriach sztuki. Sztuka inwestowania w sztukę” tom 3. Współautorka pierwszych w Polsce rankingów najlepszych polskich artystów współczesnych: „Kompas Sztuki” i „Kompas Młodej Sztuki”. Od trzech kadencji członek Komisji Kultury PKOI, v-ce przewodnicząca Komisji Kultury, przewodnicząca Zespołu ds. wystaw i konkursów. Kurator większości wystaw w Galerii (-1) należącej do PKOI. Prowadzi wykłady i organizuje kursy dla kolekcjonerów sztuki.

Galeria (-1)
(-1) Gallery which is run by Polish Olympic Committee was established in 2006. Until now there has been organized more than 135 collective exhibitions (among others “’Arsenal’ 88 twenty years later”). The opening of the new headquarters of PKOI (Polish Olympic Commettee) was accompanied by a very interesting exposition ‘Fidusiewicz and friends’ by Leszek Fidusiewicz, the legend of Polish photography. Artists with major achievements exhibited their works at the gallery such as: Olga Wolniak, Barbara Levittoux- Świderska, Jacek Staszewski, Piotr Naliwajko, Bronisław Krzysztof, Alina Sibera, Wiktor Gajda, Leszek Żegalski, Jerzy Grochocki; as well as young artists such as: Michał Chudzicki, Marcin Kowalik, Jagoda Padjas-Siwanowicz, Anna Myc, Marta Kochanek-Zbroja, Justyna Kabala, Marek Ejsmond-Ślusarczyk, Krzysztof Krzysztof.

Other main galleries in Warsaw such as Bochenska Gallery, Milano, Wizytująca Gallery, Karowa Gallery, Zapiecek, Mostra- Gallery of Lena Strużyńska and Art Agenda Nova from Cracow were also the co-organisers of the major exhibitions. (-1) Gallery as one of the main galleries in Warsaw participated in a prestigious Warsaw Art Festival 2011 organised by the Warsaw District ZPAP, Fine Arts Academy and the Polish – Japanese Institute of Information Technology.

Kama Zboralska

Kama Zboralska is a Polish Journalist and modern art curator. She is the author of the series of books titled: „Sztuka inwestowania w sztukę. Przewodnik po galeriach 2004” (‘The art of investing in art. 2004 Gallery guide’), „Art of investing in art’, vol 3”. She is the coauthor of the first rankings of the best polish modern artists in Poland: „Kompas Sztuki” and „Kompas Młodej Sztuki”, published in ‘Rzeczpospolita’ from 2007. Since 3 terms of office she has been a member of PKOI, V-ce chairwoman of the Committee of Culture , president of the Exhibitions and Competitions Team. She is the curator of the majority of the exhibitions in (-1) Gallery, which belongs to PKOI. She also gives lectures as well as organizes courses for art collectors.

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