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Transformations of existing houses, aimed at modernising their interiors, are one of the most demanding tasks in design. The existing context, block and spaces require a decision about which elements should be ‘honoured’ and which require corrections to create an optimal interior for new owners. The investors who travel a large part of their lives have entrusted this task to Anna and Krzysztof Paszkowski-Thurow, architects running a studio specialising in house design and comprehensive interior design projects.

A turnkey project has allowed the architects to monitor the entire investment through interiors, facades, and elements of small architecture and garden. This consistency of design assumptions is visible immediately. Drawing inspiration from the nature and history of the Arkonian forest, the architects have created spaces with a modern, raw and mysterious character, reminiscent of the subject of human-nature relations. The design idea was to create an asylum that, while maintaining rawness of the materials and dark hues, would provide a sense of intimacy and comfort, evoking memories of distant travels.

Rustic warm wood floors combined with raw concrete walls and ceilings refer to the historic buildings of this once distant district of Szczecin. Wooden wall lamellas are a free interpretation of vertical forest structures. Somewhat in defiance of nature, entering these interiors through panoramic glazing, we see a burgundy staircase. The surgically shaped steps with preserved semi-circular walls refer to modernism and the ancient history of this house.

Anna ThurowAnna i Krzysztof Paszkowscy-Thurow – a marriage of young architects. Graduates of the Szczecin University of Technology and the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology who run an architectural office and a studio specialising in comprehensive interior design projects. Their works can be seen in places such as the worldwide portal ArchDaily.

Architects: Anna i Krzysztof Paszkowscy-Thurow
Location: Szczecin, Polska
Completed: Summer 2019
Photos: Bartek Bieliński