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Dornbracht LifeSpa – from lifestyle to health style


Dornbracht is turning the bathroom into a LifeSpa: Dornbracht’s LifeSpa vision has taken the idea of 
health-oriented bathroom design to a new level. The concept epitomises the holistic approach to bathroom planning and furnishing in the sense of a healthy and illness-preventive lifestyle – as much in the private bathroom or home spa as in an exclusive hotel and wellness environments. The focus is on integrating health-enhancing water applications in the context of a modular architecture in the bathroom that has the flexibility to adapt to individual needs.

The health megatrend is one of the most formative developments of recent times and will become even more relevant in the future. The general pursuit of health is increasingly being transformed into an extensive search for strength and energy – a search that permeates all areas of life, and has long since gone beyond the concepts of a healthy diet and exercise, as demonstrated by the increasing demand for self-optimisation apps and accessories. The bathroom also has an important role to play in this respect, and is increasingly becoming a private spa and a room for health.

“In the future, much preventive health care will take place in the home”, explains Managing Director Andreas Dornbracht. “Water applications can enhance a health-conscious lifestyle in a variety of ways – not just with regard to physical fitness, but also as far as mental performance and life energy are concerned.”

With LifeSpa, there are a variety of ways to integrate health-enhancing water applications into the bathroom or spa. Treatments such as affusions, contrast showers, relaxing baths or water massages augment the user’s personal health strategy and in the long term, make a relevant contribution to improving well-being and boosting energy.

Individual solutions for bathroom and spa

At ISH 2017, Dornbracht is showcasing an example of a LifeSpa in the form of a private spa area designed using a holistic approach. Carefully curated matching products and applications are arranged in a trail placed in an open architecture. This allows visitors to decide independently their personal itinerary. This includes a Kneipp affusion zone, a beauty wash-place with an affusion pipe, and a drinking zone with a hot/cold water dispenser, a fitness area with training equipment, a foot bath and relaxation zone, and a luxury experience shower.

Aquapressure: Vertical Shower with WaterCurve and WaterFan

Vertical Shower combines special outlet points with different flow modes, sometimes gently surrounding the body in heavy water drops, sometimes massaging it with powerful streams. The different forms of presentation and pre-programmed signature treatments of Vertical Shower make it ideal for many health-enhancing and preventive applications – from an invigorating contrast shower to a relaxing water massage.
The WaterFan and WaterCurve massage jets are a new addition, and extend the range of health-enhancing applications in the bathroom. They have a new, fan-like flow mode 
which provides a targeted massage in the neck area (WaterCurve), thoracic vertebrae (vertical WaterFan) or lumbar vertebrae (horizontal WaterFan) area, and helps to alleviate and prevent tension. The height of the massage jets can be adjusted, giving them the flexibility to adapt to any user’s height.
The new massage jets can therefore be used to stimulate specific pressure points and 
meridians. Dornbracht – inspired by the tried and tested methods of acupressure 
in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – calls this application Aquapressure. “Aquapressure harmonises muscle tone and has a positive effect on the perception of pain”, explains Christoph Stumpe, experienced TCM therapist and head of the renowned Shen Men Institute, who worked closely together with Dornbracht to develop the new massage jets. “Through Aquapressure, the flow of blood through the muscles intensifies, stimulating the flow of energy and aiding mobility. Tension and stress melt away and the body’s natural defences are activated.”

Experience: Concept Study / Aquamoon

The Aquamoon concept study, which creates a completely new water experience, is also being presented exclusively by Dornbracht at ISH 2017. Aquamoon is a subtle, architectural gesture that fits harmoniously into LifeSpa. The attention focuses entirely on the exceptional water experience. Water is directed to create the feeling of enveloping the body in a protective cocoon, surrounding it in a powerful cascade, or swirling around it in soft, weightless drops. Aquamoon nurtures the body with a totally new, multi-sensory experience, enhanced with matching mood lighting.

Massage & Steam: Horizontal Shower & Effegibi

Horizontal Shower is a unique water massage to be enjoyed lying prone or supine, on a heated horizontal surface. Various flow modes, volumes of water and changing temperatures are combined into different signature treatments, each having a balancing, invigorating, or relaxing effect.
Dornbracht is presenting Horizontal Shower in cooperation with Effegibi at ISH, thus combining the application with the positive effects of a steam bath.

Relaxation: Foot Bath

Relaxing foot baths are provided at the touch of a button. The available applications can be de-stressing or invigorating, as carefully coordinated changes in temperature and massage jets specifically stimulate the reflex zones of the feet.

Beauty: the affusion pipe

The Dornbracht affusion pipe is ideal for carrying out skin-toning facial affusions or refreshing arm affusions at the washstand. Its gentle laminar flow was specifically developed for perfect Kneipp affusions and covers the skin for maximum effect.

Patio: WaterTube / Kneipp hose

The Dornbracht WaterTube is a remarkably effective and convenient way to integrate Kneipp affusions into your daily shower ritual. Dornbracht’s specifically developed laminar flow is also used here, to maximise the health-enhancing effect of water applications. Used correctly, regular affusions encourage blood flow and stimulate the circulation, metabolism and nervous system.

Drinking: Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

The Hot & Cold Water Dispenser offers filtered hot or cold water as required, creating a drinking station element for the LifeSpa – ideal for occasional refreshment, or a convenient way to prepare tea. It is extremely easy to use. Move the lever backwards for cold water. Move the lever forwards for hot water.


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