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Anytime, for you, at your service!

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Anytime for you

KLM Airlines came up with a new idea for onboard service called “Anytime for you”. As of this summer the new service can be experienced by Business Class passengers at selected international flights. The concept of onboard service does not only mean the wider choice of various meals, which can be chosen from a menu in a “restaurant style”. The new thing is that passengers can order their meals anytime during the flight. This new service offers travellers more choice and control, allowing them decide what and when they want to eat on board. In addition to the regular three-course dinner or lunch options, the menu also includes an “Anytime For You” range, consisting of eight different dishes, hot and cold, savoury and sweet, health diet foods and gourmet special treats. Passengers can order from the “Anytime For You” menu, whenever it best suits them. The idea of the onboard service on-demand has been created to better meet passengers’ individual needs. Each of us is different, has different food preferences, a big or small appetite, as well as own individual biorhythm. “Anytime for you” is designed to fulfil passengers’ personal preferences, while providing the highest quality service and extra care given by KLM cabin crew, who was specially trained to offer this service. The airline wishes to ensure it’s passengers feel freely, exclusively and leave the plane with a memorable experience. Currently the “sky-high feast” can be experienced on board of KLM World Business Class when flying to Johannesburg and Bangkok and the new service concept will be phased in on more flights soon.

“Anytime for you” is designed to fulfil passengers’ personal preferences, while providing the highest quality service and extra care.

A flight in KLM Business Class means most of all 2-meters long, super comfortable full-flat beds. Each seat is equipped with a personal onboard entertainment system, including 17-inch screen – one of the largest on the market. Passengers travel in their own, private space, separated by a hard shell, which ensures more privacy during the flight. The stylish and cozy interior of World Business Class cabin has been created by famous Dutch designer –
Hella Jongerius. Other world-famous designers took care of even tiny details. Business Class meals are served on Marcel Wander’s tableware. Passengers are also offered luxury amenity kits containing essential items for a long flight. This time Jan Taminiau is the author of this collector’s gadget.

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Images © KLM Dutch Airlines