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Laki & Nikko: The felines of happiness


Laki & Nikko – Precious atelier design objects that bring luck to those who choose and cherish them

Vestiges from the past, feline figures can be found carved on door jambs and in the guise of statues guarding over entrances. This tradition is returning, also because cats are extremely popular on the Internet and there are more cats than dogs in our homes: seven and a half million to be exact. Chorustyle has transformed felines into precious decorator objects made with artisan techniques and available in small, medium and large formats. Laki is the equivalent of the Japanese talisman ensuring prosperity and happiness. Nikko the dreamer, curled up on a shelf or bed, is conducive to meditation and wisdom. The inspiration of Chorustyle comes from the “study of cats”, an impressive series of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci who considered cats special, even “brilliant”, like many Renaissance artists. Those who do not have a real cat would still want a symbolic one. Laki & Nikko are perfect for someone looking for a lucky charm, a design object, or a subtle light. There is nothing strange in wanting to pet them: after all, neurosciences believe that petting an animal is good for you. Besides their other qualities, we also consider them anti-stress.

Transforming one of the most beloved animals in the world into a high design object is the challenge embraced by Chorustyle, the project that celebrates Italy’s artisan and creative heritage and has chosen the cat as its symbol.

A fascination for felines has crossed historical periods and populations, so much so that an intense bond has been formed with humans, impressed by the cat’s extraordinary sensory capacity and innate instinct. This majestic, inspiring and auspicious aura, together with the rich symbolism of Japanese origin, has remained unchanged to the present day and transformed the cat into a significant work of art. Experimentation, creativity, sophistication, simplicity, elegance and purity of form come together, establishing a dialog in a constant search for shapes, techniques and new materials. The result is Laki & Nikko: two cats, two high design objects born from artisan tradition and innovative technology and created in the most authentic style of Chorustyle. Each piece is obtained through a precise crafting of thin layers of metal using nanotechnologies that ensure transparency and a glossy, even color.

A heritage of illusory beliefs and auspicious instincts can be found within every cat, an animal with timeless charm and sinuous elegance that soothes souls and amplifies the concept of harmony.

Laki, the lucky cat who with its raised paw indicates the path for obtaining what is most desired, becomes an authentic source of inspiration that draws strength from its ability to blend into any setting with poise and elegance. Laki, the bearer of prosperity and happiness, projects a seductive touch of charm, allure and elegance upon the surrounding spaces. Its sinuous shape and glimmering reflections captivate and promote harmony and well-being with the surrounding world, instilling indomitable self-confidence.

Nikko, the cat of serenity, is the path for feeling at peace with yourself. Conveying calmness and imperturbability — an “illuminating ray of sunshine”, as suggested by the etymology — it helps achieve balance and harmony as it watches over people and the surrounding space. Nikko encourages one to fulfill wishes and make dreams come true, becoming a talisman able to grant spiritual and mental well-being. With their elongated shape they offer tranquility and protection and transform any environment, bringing light and warmth.

Laki & Nikko


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